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My personal device cannot access the Internet!
You need to install our certificate to use some parts of the web. You can get it here. Just download it while on your personal device and install it. Then you will have all the internet back in all its glory. This page will give you a little more help with the install. Click here for instructions



This video will show you how to take your Google files with you. You can also get the how to in a slide presentation by using this link to the slide show :
Google Takeout Howto


Home Use
You will need the Chrome Browser and the Clever Chrome Extension. Make sure to install the Chrome Browser before the extension. If you are logged in as a personal account at home you will need to logout before loggin in with your school account
Chrome Browser
Clever Chrome Extension

Here are some usefull tips and answers to frequently asked questions, and archives of past how to articals set to staff.

Submit a Technolgy or Maintence support request, Shedule any building or Athletics events/rooms.

 updated 15-July-2019

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